Monday, January 18, 2010

Study Group itu ape dia ?

Apa maksud Study Group itu ???
"Belajar Sikit dapat Banyak"

Cerita tentan
g oren


You have an orange,
n I ask you to :
Share your orange with your frenz...

What the result?
Each one of you
maybe get half(share with two person)
and maybe
only get quarter (when you share with four person)

                                                                                                                         (Read More...)

How about Idea ???
Ok another story
How about sharing an idea ?

you Have an idea,
and your frenz got another idea
When we share??
we may get 2 ideas
or may get 5 ideas

"The more you share, The More you Gain"

Tension for Examination ???

-yeah, me also :)

so, How to overcome ????

- Don't get your mind overcrowded
with something that you can't understand

- Let's come and sit together
and ask
or Share
The Easiest way to understand
To remember those word
(maybe by abbrevation or simply by story or maybe song hehe:D)

Study Group is not like Mentor-mentee programme

we have adjust our programme
for not being like Mentor-mantee
it's quite boring (for me)

You can talk as much as posible if you want
you can make a riddiculus story
that can stimulate our interest in studying
and you also can sing
if your voice is sweet
(apa bende mengarut ni ?)

The Role of the leader :-

- the leader of the group is "not mentor" in exactly
but they can act one if they wanna be

- The leader is just like "the play maker"
that can conduct
their group
* You can be one, if you wanna be

- Leader also kene pandai jaga anak2 buah
supaya x nakal-nakal sgt
*conteng2 dinding, lompat2 katil, lompat keluar tingkap
(khayalan semata-mata, kami xbwat mende2 ni hehe)

Don't be Shy, Don't be Afraid, Don't tension-tensyen

because we are one team
and we will work for each other

Muhadarah Session
- we aim for those our frenz yg maybe terleka sikit masa dalam kelas

maybe due to :-
1. Pensil terjatuh masa tgh lecture, so xdapat fokus
(mencari-cari pensil yg hilang itu...)
2. Teringat Ketupat + Rendang di Malaysia
(sebab x balik raya tahun lepas)
3. Terbersin (terus terlupa apa lecture ajar)

*so, we advice that ThiS SeSSiON is only
for WE TakE
(and if there is other extra knowledge @ question
we can ask during perbincangan)

BinCang-BinCang SeSSi0N

- Discuss the part that we can't understand
- Share our knowledge(extra knowledge)
- SomE of our frenz might not understand something
we can help them, stimulate them to understand
- we can share our theory "to make" it easy
to be understanded...

"The more you Give, The more that you will Get...
maybe it's not here, but There, In the Jannah"

SoAL-MenYoAL Session

* This is on of the BesT part in Study GrouP
- Tanya soalan yg kita x tahu ?
- Tnya soalan yg kita dah tahu ?
- jawab soalan ?
- Cipta SoaLan ?
- tgk jawapan ?

* semua nye boleh


*maybe we have get something that very precious
during previous session with our Group

-we can share to other
-an Others will share with us
* same like the story about orange before

Common frenz
let's get this difficult world (world of medicine)
become easy
As easy as 1, 2 ,3
insyaALLAH, if we "ikhlas"

Maka Allah memberi mereka pahala terhadap perkataan yang mereka ucapkan, (yaitu) surga yang mengalir sungai-sungai di dalamnya, sedang mereka kekal di dalamnya. Dan itulah balasan (bagi) orang-orang yang berbuat kebaikan (yang ikhlas keimanannya).

wallahu a'lam


padel ikan goreng said...

salam akhi.

nice efforts..keep it up! =)

study group can create covalent bond of ukhuwwah more than u expected..rite? hehe..

all work and no play (futsal xpcially) makes JACK a dull boy..(knp JACK yer?)hurm..actually,we shud point that idiom to MOSLEM..not mr jack..

balancing is better than berat-sebelah-ringan-sebelah...=)


islahmujahidin said...

Syukran jzkk..
kpd penggoreng ikan =p
Futsal, futsal jugak
study, study juga
membantu, membantu juga

hehe :D
"Hidup adalah untuk memberi sebanyak-banyaknya"

kEyNAh said...

erti hidup pada yang memberi~

Anisah Ali said...

Rabbuna Yusahhilkum..
Man Jadda wajada. =)

bagus...Study grp works for me. :)