Friday, September 24, 2010

Good Luck (^_^)

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah ...

masih diberi peluang menulis dan menaip dihalaman ini..
semoga terus-dan-terus dipermudahkan...

So, for today's post
just wanna say Good Luck to all my frenz there , in Alex..
they are doing doing their best dor thei examination...
Although , i'm not there ..
I will always send my Dua'a to all of you ...

Good LUck
and do your BEST  ok !!!
jangan malas2 ..we got 4years to go only

*sekadar motivasi xde kaitan dengan hidup dan mati atau diri sendiri ...
- Dr kawen lambat..kalau lambat graduate lg lambat ..baru tau !!!

I'm now doing my elective posting in Medical but in ED (emergency department)
( so, i'm little busy right now to follow-up what's going on in alex )
[and] Hmm..from my experience , we have to work hard if we want to success
everybody is competing to show that they are the BEST !!!
and wanna show that they are competent enough to be a good doctors
but if, kita malas2, then we will be orang bawah sampai bila2...
so , work hard...

see u in Alex after this ..
Do the best in your exam
my Du3a' is always there for you ...

See ya = P



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