Friday, December 30, 2011

No Mood ...

Arrghh ..
No mood to study ~
TOO much to cover back what i've missed B4 ...
Plus .. Too many problem come ...
Coming and coming ~

So , B4 continue my study ..
I just would like to share
sumthing that playing around inside my mind ...
Alhamdulillah ~ Allah s.w.t always by my side..
to let me go through my lyfe in Egypt ..
to Improve my knowledge about our Deen "ISLAM"

Yes I admit I still have to catch up many thing B4 graduation ~
About Deen , Medicine , the way to interact with peoples and so on.....

Ok , so let us go back to our Topic;..

I just thinking about our Prophet "Muhammad s.a.w" the Greatest Person ever on this earth ..
Was he never feel like us ?
Stress , tension , moodiness , Lost of spirit and .... and ........

Yes I agree ,
To catch up all things is very stressful,
sometimes , the thing that we do "Fail" or "Not Success" even we put allover our strength and spirit inside it..
(xtau la betul x grammar nih....)

Yes , The Great Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.
was likely in this situation B4 ..
When he don't have so many supporters ...
But "Allah the Almighty" gave him strength by the verse of Al-quran
one of the is "Surah Ad-dhuha"

The story is..
when there was a gap between the nuzul of the Surah B4 ..
and this Surah was very long ~
The Musyrikin at that time was mocking on him ..

Lastly Allah s.w.t.
send to His Messenger
"Wad dhuha, wallaili iza saja , ma wadda3akarabbuka wama qola , walal akhirotu khairullaka minal ula ..." till the end of this surah ..

This surah entertain Rasulullah and He was relieve ..
masyaAllah ..

Unfortunately , I didn't have a lot of time to write about how this surah affect very much on the Prophet ..
But what I want to apply is ;
whenever we feel depress or something ,
"We will back to Quran"
Al-Quran have the answer ..

"Ma wadda3akarobbuka wama qola" - "And your Lord(Allah s.w.t) never left you and never hate you.."

And lastly ..
This surah ended by "Wa amma bini3mati rabbika fahaddith " - "And every Ni3mah that descend to you by Allah , berulang-ulanglah (mengucapkan syukur) "

That's all for this time , Please pray for The Ummah

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